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Sea Grill

Amazing Flowers Miami is proud to provide our friends at the Sea Grill in North Miami with our finest floral arrangements.

Since the Sea Grill gives its customers the freshest in seafood and other Greek dishes, we feel it's only right that we provide them with the freshest flowers. When you dine at the Sea Grill, we hope you enjoy what our arrangements add to the decor as much as you enjoy their delicious appetizers and entrees.

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About the Sea Grill

From executive chef Peter Spyropoulos, the Sea Grill is one of the best seafood restaurants in North Miami Beach. Peter was raised in Queens, New York, an area with one of the highest concentrations of Greek restaurants in the nation. He has brought that Greek flavor to North Miami and infused it with the spirit of the Atlantic Ocean's finest seafood for a truly unique combination seen nowhere else in the Miami Beach area.

If you're looking for an expert in the kitchen, you need to look no further than Peter; educated at the Culinary Institute of America, he has quite the culinary pedigree. Additionally, Peter has opened two other Greek restaurants: New York City's Estiatorio Milos as well as Long Island's Limani.

Located in the Intracoastal Mall, Sea Grill appears quiet and unassuming on the outside with mangroves along the patio. Once you step inside, you'll notice it's both sprawling and beautiful from the immaculate white linen tablecloths, white marble floors, or the beautiful and sweet-scented floral arrangements designed by our team at Amazing Flowers Miami.

Sea Grill seats 240. While you'll always feel comfortable as there's plenty of space, it can get rather packed - especially during the evening dinner service. If you're planning a night out at Sea Grill, reservations are highly recommended.

The Fish

Seafood Entree at The Sea Grill

Obviously, the specialty at Sea Grill is the fish. They offer salmon, grouper, and swordfish all prepared ladoregano, a Greek specialty that prepares the fish in a delicious lemon, olive oil, and oregano sauce. They also offer yellowfin tuna sushi prepared in Greek spices, grouper plaki, and seafood youvetsi. Grilled shrimp, head-on prawns, and linguine lobster offer more traditional yet also tasty dishes as well. For seafood lovers, you'll have plenty of the familiar with just enough Greek flavor for a uniquely bold take on your favorites.

Other fish specialties include:

  • Pompano
  • Branzino
  • Black Sea Bass
  • Royal Dorado

If you're out for a special evening and are looking for a dish for two to share, Sea Grill offers whole fishes for two, including turbot, fagri, red snapper, and lobster.


Every great meal begins with a great appetizer, and Sea Grill offers you no shortage of great choices. They have nearly two pages of appetizers on the menu, ensuring that no matter your fancy you'll find something you like.

The cold appetizers offer some traditional Greek classic dips and spreads: tarama, tzatziki with cucumber, htipiti, and skordalia. On the seafood side, they also offer tuna tartare, shrimp cocktail, and a smoked fish platter.

The hot appetizer list is even bigger. Gigantes (or braised Greek lima beans), ouzo mussels, oysters onasis, saganaki (or kefalotiri cheese baked in the oven), and keftedes (or lamb meatballs) are just a few of the Greek-inspired options. Some other hot appetizers include octopus, calamari, shrimp, and baby back ribs.

You can go Greek. You can go seafood. You can combine them and get a few to share with the rest of the table. Whatever you're feeling, Sea Grill has you covered.

Land-Based Entrees

Seafood may be their specialty, but that doesn't mean Sea Grill doesn't offer some tremendous options for more traditional meat lovers who enjoy steak, chicken, or ribs.

No Greek restaurant would be complete without lamb. Sea Grill has delicious lamb chops and lamb youvetsi. If you're in the mood for steak, they offer a 14. oz New York strip steak, a filet mignon kebab served over rice, or if you have a really big appetite, a 26 oz. bone-in ribeye. There are some great options for chicken lovers as well - chicken ladoregano and chicken kebab. The veal chop is also excellent.

Sea Grill also has some great sides - grilled asparagus cooked in wine vinegar, Greek fries seasoned with sea salt, oregano, and kefalotiri cheese, horta (or steamed wild greens), and orzo served with tomato, olive oil, and parsley. They also have two different types of potatoes - over-roasted or fingerling.

Other Helpful Hints

If you're planning to dine at the Sea Grill, here are some other useful tips to know that will make your experience even better:

If you're a fan of Greek cuisine and are looking for an innovative take on seafood, we can't think of a better place for you to dine than the Sea Grill. We hope you enjoy their delicious food and unbeatable ambiance as much as we do.

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