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Flower Delivery in Hollywood

Amazing Flowers Miami has been providing same-day flower delivery for Hollywood and throughout Broward County since 2003.

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Flower Delivery by Hollywood Florist

Do you need a quick response from our team? Call us at (305) 787-0700 or fill out the short form. Our expert staff will answer any questions and can help you choose the perfect flower arrangement for any occassion.

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Same-Day Flower Delivery in Hollywood

Amazing Flowers Miami has been serving Hollywood Beach with the best flower delivery service in Broward County since 2003. Our floral designs go beyond the ordinary. We create breathtaking arrangements that will wow the recipient and deliver the perfect message. With an emphasis on unique and upscale designs, we love working with customers to deliver an incredible experience from start to finish. Call us at (305) 787-0700 to place an order with our floral design team; we offer fast delivery throughout the Hollywood Beach area.



5 Reasons to Love Our Flower Delivery in Hollywood Beach

1. Our flowers are always fresh

We know that for an arrangement to look its best, it needs the freshest blooms. That's why all the flowers we send out the door are "day one" fresh. We work hard to develop relationships with suppliers who can bring us just-picked flowers. That way we can create the best arrangements for our customers. You'll never see a droopy bloom in one of our arrangements, and we're proud of that fact.

2. We employ talented, professional floral designers

Our floral arrangement team works for us because they are passionate about flowers. They want to create beautiful arrangements that wow customers. They also want to create something that you won't find in any other Hollywood Beach flower shop. Each designer strives to be unique while working with clients to deliver something that's just right for the occasion.

3. Our flower vans offer same-day delivery services

Have you seen our flower delivery van out and about in Hollywood Beach? Our van is always busy because we provide same-day flower delivery to our customers. So even if you need an arrangement at the last minute, we will work to accommodate your needs. Our vans can deliver a fresh, gorgeous bouquet where you need it to go in Broward County. Our drivers are courteous, professional, and love making someone's day with a delivery of fresh flowers.

4. We treat our clients like family

We're proud of the business we've built over the last 17 years. Amazing Flowers Miami has become a trusted part of the Hollywood Beach community. Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning, and they know that we are there for their every flower need. Whether it's an arrangement to say "I love you", flowers for a wedding, or something gorgeous to dress up the office, we have them covered. Because our clients are more than clients, they are part of the Amazing Flowers Miami family.

5. We work with every budget to design the best arrangements

Our team focuses on delivering the best arrangement possible within your budget. Whether you only have a few bucks to spend or the sky is the limit, we'll take the same amount of care with your order. Just get in touch with our team by calling us or placing an order online. Then we'll get to work picking the perfect blooms, creating an arrangement, and getting it out the door as soon as possible. You'll love the final floral arrangement and be ready for more.

Why We Love Hollywood Beach

We work throughout Broward County, but Hollywood Beach has a special place in our hearts. The people are friendly, the scenery is lush, and there is so much to do. Our team loves to get out and spend our days:

  • Surfing the Flow Rider on Ocean Drive
  • Taking in the gorgeous scenery on the Hollywood Boardwalk
  • Riding one of the Trikkes on the beach
  • Enjoying the incredible food at the local restaurants
  • Getting sun, sand, and surf out on the waves

Our team often runs into our customers while we are out and about in Hollywood Beach. We're always happy to hear stories about what happens with our arrangements after we deliver them to the recipient's door. Sometimes we're even lucky enough to spot some of our work at local businesses thanks to some of our many corporate partnerships. We're always inspired by the beauty of Hollywood Beach, too, and you may see some of its influences in your next arrangement.


Check Out Our Other Hollywood Beach Floral Services

We're more than a flower delivery service! Amazing Flowers Miami can help with any floral need you might have. Call our floral design team at (305) 787-0700 if you'd like to learn more about any of the services available from Amazing Flowers Miami. We'd be happy to help you get the flowers you need.

  • Weekly corporate flower delivery. We partner with some of the best businesses in Hollywood Beach to bring joy to their spaces with our floral arrangements. We provide weekly arrangements and take old arrangements away so flowers are always fresh and vibrant.
  • Flowers for your big day. Your wedding is the best day of your life and your flowers should be unforgettable. Our team can help design a custom flower package for your big day so it's exactly what you've always dreamed of for your big day.
  • Holiday arrangements for every special occasion. Make your next holiday even more special with a gorgeous arrangement from Amazing Flowers Miami. Whether you need something for Christmas, Mother's Day, or Thanksgiving, we will create flowers that integrate into the celebration.

Discover How We Elevate the Flower Delivery Experience

The only way to experience the Amazing Flowers Miami difference is to place an order. You can do that by giving us a call at (305) 787-0700, contacting us through our website, or placing your order online. You can also visit our Sunny Isles Beach location in person and check out some of our ready-made flower arrangement options. No matter how you get in touch with us, though, you'll enjoy the superior customer service experience we are known for throughout Hollywood Beach and Broward County. From the first contact to the final delivery, we'll make sure your experience with us is the best one possible. That commitment is what brings Amazing Flowers Miami customers back to us time and again. Get in touch with us today to place your order and see why so many Hollywood Beach residents love to see our flower van pulling up to their front door.

A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
Amazing arrangements combined with Beautiful Flowers.  Service is great as well.  Have ordered 3 times and referred several people to Amazing Flowers.  Happy to have found them and will continue to use them.
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
Love everything about this flower shop their designs are amazing just like their name
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
Absolutely amazing anytime I've ever dealt with them they've been quick to jump on the delivery love amazing flowers and would gladly go back
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
Best flower shop I ever been too ! The name fits the service and the product !! Best florist ever !!!
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
Very professional, beautiful flowers, nice and kind people, they just make our event perfect. I really recommend this place. . Hermosos arreglos florales, de buen gusto , s?per elegantes, ofrecen un servicio profesional y son s?per amables, nuestros eventos han salido perfectos con su servicios, son s?per recomendables, para fiestas y ocasiones especiales.
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
Gorgeous arrangements. I highly recommend
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
This was my mom's reaction when she received her birthday flowers!!!AmazingMagnificentStunningFantasticBeautifulReally overdid yourselves!Thank you from the bottom of my _
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
it was a very beautiful bouquet of flowers. . . . . . . my wife was speechless and shocked. . . . . . . I owe it all to you. . . . . . you did it very fabulously and only with you I could do it so. . . . . again and again gladly with you. . . . 100 % satisfaction. . . . . I love you !!!
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
The name is not an exaggeration, this is the only florist that I have ever found who delivers not just flowers but real art. Lior is the only florist that I would ever use.
A 5 Star Review of Amazing Flowers Miami
I have been using this company for many years and they always exceed expectations! Hands down the best florist in South Florida.


The City of Hollywood

Hollywood is a city located in Broward County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1925. Over the past 96 years the population has grown to include 146,526 residents, making Hollywood the 12th largest city in the state.

There are 13 Zip Codes in Hollywood

Click each zip code for more information.


Latitude: 26.02617

Longitude: -80.12293

Population: 14,933


Average Family Size: 2.82 people


Average Household Income: $80,727


Male: 50.9%

Female: 49.1%


Median Age: 52.1 years old

Under 10: 7.9%

10 - 19: 8.0%

20s: 8.7%

30s: 8.1%

40s: 14.6%

50s: 17.5%

60s: 15.8%

70s: 12.0%

Over 80: 7.4%


Latitude: 26.01899

Longitude: -80.15230

Population: 44,578


Average Family Size: 3.31 people


Average Household Income: $41,641


Male: 51.3%

Female: 48.7%


Median Age: 39.9 years old

Under 10: 11.3%

10 - 19: 9.1%

20s: 13.4%

30s: 16.3%

40s: 15.6%

50s: 16.3%

60s: 10.7%

70s: 4.7%

Over 80: 2.4%


Latitude: 26.02334

Longitude: -80.18758

Population: 49,350


Average Family Size: 3.35 people


Average Household Income: $57,926


Male: 48.6%

Female: 51.4%


Median Age: 42.1 years old

Under 10: 12.3%

10 - 19: 9.6%

20s: 12.2%

30s: 13.3%

40s: 14.1%

50s: 12.7%

60s: 10.7%

70s: 8.4%

Over 80: 6.5%


Latitude: 25.98941

Longitude: -80.21534

Population: 73,671


Average Family Size: 4.03 people


Average Household Income: $50,406


Male: 48.1%

Female: 51.9%


Median Age: 35.3 years old

Under 10: 13.4%

10 - 19: 13.6%

20s: 15.0%

30s: 14.9%

40s: 14.0%

50s: 12.4%

60s: 9.6%

70s: 4.5%

Over 80: 2.5%


Latitude: 26.02697

Longitude: -80.24528

Population: 75,306


Average Family Size: 3.80 people


Average Household Income: $58,893


Male: 48.6%

Female: 51.4%


Median Age: 36.8 years old

Under 10: 13.2%

10 - 19: 13.5%

20s: 13.9%

30s: 14.4%

40s: 13.7%

50s: 13.8%

60s: 9.4%

70s: 5.2%

Over 80: 3.0%


Latitude: 25.98743

Longitude: -80.28139

Population: 71,763


Average Family Size: 3.62 people


Average Household Income: $57,219


Male: 46.4%

Female: 53.6%


Median Age: 35.6 years old

Under 10: 13.2%

10 - 19: 10.9%

20s: 15.3%

30s: 18.3%

40s: 14.5%

50s: 12.6%

60s: 8.0%

70s: 4.7%

Over 80: 2.5%


Latitude: 26.02594

Longitude: -80.29643

Population: 31,045


Average Family Size: 3.33 people


Average Household Income: $74,362


Male: 46.3%

Female: 53.7%


Median Age: 43.6 years old

Under 10: 10.7%

10 - 19: 11.1%

20s: 12.5%

30s: 10.8%

40s: 14.7%

50s: 15.0%

60s: 12.5%

70s: 8.1%

Over 80: 4.8%


Latitude: 25.98245

Longitude: -80.34359

Population: 60,191


Average Family Size: 3.54 people


Average Household Income: $63,227


Male: 45.5%

Female: 54.5%


Median Age: 43.3 years old

Under 10: 10.1%

10 - 19: 11.2%

20s: 10.2%

30s: 13.8%

40s: 14.0%

50s: 13.4%

60s: 10.7%

70s: 9.6%

Over 80: 7.1%


Latitude: 25.99236

Longitude: -80.40889

Population: 47,895


Average Family Size: 3.88 people


Average Household Income: $107,109


Male: 51.2%

Female: 48.8%


Median Age: 39.3 years old

Under 10: 11.2%

10 - 19: 17.0%

20s: 12.7%

30s: 10.0%

40s: 15.4%

50s: 16.3%

60s: 9.1%

70s: 5.8%

Over 80: 2.3%


Latitude: 26.00969

Longitude: -80.14484



Latitude: 26.01727

Longitude: -80.19999



Latitude: 26.14869

Longitude: -80.22483



Latitude: 26.02586

Longitude: -80.24346

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