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Flower Delivery in North Miami Beach

Amazing Flowers Miami has been providing the absolute best flower delivery for North Miami Beach and throughout Miami-Dade County since 2003.

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The City of North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach is a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1926. Over the past 94 years the population has grown to include 41,523 residents, making North Miami Beach the 61st largest city in the state.

There is 1 Zip Code in North Miami Beach

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Latitude: 25.93283

Longitude: -80.13476

Population: 41,113


Average Family Size: 2.95 people


Average Household Income: $52,170


Male: 48.2%

Female: 51.8%


Median Age: 49.0 years old

Under 10: 8.3%

10 - 19: 8.1%

20s: 9.1%

30s: 12.6%

40s: 13.8%

50s: 15.5%

60s: 14.3%

70s: 11.1%

Over 80: 7.3%

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